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Features of QQEnglish, 6 Attractive Points

QQEnglish is the pioneer of English schools established by International people in Cebu. We provide high-quality lessons that nobody can imitate.

1. You can learn English in the safest place.

You can try to speak using what you have learned everywhere in IT Park. The campus and dormitory are the best places in Cebu for living and studying.

One of the attractive points of studying abroad is you can utilize your English as you learn. QQEnglish is located in IT Park which is a governmentally designated area with 24 hour guards and many international companies. QQEnglish Seafront campus is located in a safe area with many luxury hotels.

We encourage you to communicate with Filipinos in English when you go out in real life situations.

Maribago (Seafront Campus)

IT Park Gate

2. You can get the "4 skills" necessary for English.

Effective ways of learning include Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, one on one lessons, and CALLAN method.

QQEnglish basically provides one on one lessons. Compared to group lessons, the duration of speaking time is much longer in a one on one lesson. There are several courses and the minimum is 6 hours, maximum is 10 hours. In addition we provide 2 free night lessons so you can learn 12 hours in a day. In order to get necessary skills namely, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, original one on one text books were created. The CALLAN method also helps students learn English four times faster.

Try learning to think in English with CALLAN. Unconciously, respond in English well!

CALLAN method is a training from the UK that aims to get you thinking in English, not your mother language. By quickly responding to teachers’ guidance and questions, students have no time to think in their mother language. At first you might be confused but by continuing the method, your speed of improvement is faster and faster.

Those who think, “I cannot speak fluently though I have been studying…”, this method is also a great choice.

3. Learning English from Certified Teachers

All employed teachers have TESOL certificates (TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Right now, the Philippines is 1st in the Business English Index. They are non-native speakers, thus, they know tips and methods on how to learn English. In other words, they are the most successful English learners in the world. After becoming employees, our teachers get several trainings from experts such as a professor from Cambridge. They are also required to get TESOL certificates, so you can learn from highly qualified teachers.

Our teachers have trainings and seminars frequently. They also try to improve their teaching skills consistently.

Our teachers have trainings for teaching TOEIC, IELTS, and Business English. They rely on their teaching manual but also observe students’ progress. In order to do so, all teachers frequently have team meetings, seminars, and trainings.

Communicate with foreigners in group classes and events

There are more than 10 nationalities, the biggest international school in Cebu.

At QQEnglish, we have welcomed students from more than 30 different countries and there are around 10 learning at all times, such as Chinese, Korean, Russian and Brazilian.

You can meet these international students and enjoy communicating with them. In the group classes, events, and activities, you can also make friends and enjoy communicating.

Group Lessons

Island Hopping

5. By combining online lessons, you can learn English effectively.

Before and after the program, you can learn English in one on one online lessons.

In order to learn effectively, we recommend learning necessary vocabulary and grammar before the program. QQEnglish provides online lessons for more than 10 countries. You can also feel the atmosphere of learning from our qualified Filipino teachers. We also suggest continuing to learn after the program.

You can talk to Japanese staff comfortably.

There is a Local staff so you can contact them anytime.

QQEnglish successfully established a combined online and offline school, which is why we have qualified staff/teachers,  the safest place in the city, and reliable facilities at a good price. In order to maintain full time positions, all staff fulfill their responsibilities and provide satisfying service to all students.

There are many international staff members, so if you feel ill or if you are in trouble, the International staff will support you in your mother language. In this way, you can focus on learning English.

International Staff in IT Park Campus

International Staff in Seafront Campus