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This website is operated by QQ English LTD (QQE) of 4-13-4, Eifuku, Suginami-ku, Tokyo. All services provided by QQE on this website are subject to the Terms of Use (TOU) set out below. In this TOU the term ‘Services’ is used to refer to all services provided to you by QQE, the term ‘Users’ is used to refer to refer to anyone who is authorised to use this website or those who attempt to become authorised to use this website.

1: Range of TOU and Amendment

  1. By using our Services, you agree to be bound by and comply with the terms detailed in the TOU agreement.
  2. QQE reserves the right to amend this TOU at any time without your acknowledgement. Any revised version of this TOU will become effective immediately after it has been displayed on this website, whereby you will be bound by its effect in advance.

2: User Registration

  1. Those wishing to become authorised ‘Users’ (refer to ‘Potential Users’) are to be registered following the procedures set out below and other prescribed procedures.
    (1)After thoroughly reading through this TOU and agreeing to be bound by its contents, proceed through the process of user registration.
    (2)Agree to pay by the payment options designated by QQE.
    (3)Register your name, e-mail address and all required details for the user registration honestly and correctly.
  2. The user registration process will be completed by QQE’s notice of acceptance e-mail to the Potential Users who have applied for Services in accordance with the preceding paragraph. However, the use of Services will be limited until QQE confirms the User’s payment.
    In addition, QQE may not accept registrations from Potential Users in the circumstances listed below. Existing user registrations may also be deleted by QQE if one of the below circumstances is found to be true after the user registration.
    (1)Potential Users are not a real entity.
    (2)Potential Users have previously completed the user registration process.
    (3)The registration of Potential Users has been cancelled or deleted due to violation of the terms described in this TOU, or for any other reason in the past.
    (4)There is a falsity in the details submitted to QQE during the user registration process.
    (5)QQE believes that the Potential User may be detrimental to the smooth running of the Services.
    (6)There is a deferment of the payment transaction with the banks or credit cards designated by Potential Users for Services.
    (7)QQE deems that Potential Users are inappropriate to accept as Users.

3: User Qualification

  1. Potential Users must complete the user registration process in accordance with clause 2 to obtain the authorised user qualification at the point of QQE’s acceptance.

4: Modification of Registration Details

  1. In the event that the details which you have registered on the website have changed, you agree to promptly report the changes to QQE in accordance with the prescribed procedures. You may be unable to change some details which QQE specifies as non-changeable information unless QQE accepts the modification.
  2. In the event that you fail to report on updated details in accordance with the preceding paragraph, QQE will be free from any liability or obligations caused by the absence of your report.

5: Privacy Policy

  1. Personal information provided to QQE during user registration and any other personal information collected by QQE under the Services is registered as private. QQE manages this information and does not offer or disclose your personal information except in the circumstances listed below:
    (1)When QQE has your permission.
    (2)An official body (legal body, government) calls for the disclosure.
    (3)When QQE provides or discloses the information in an unidentifiable way.
  2. QQE deals with your real name written in Roman alphabet as public information. You acknowledge and agree that your tutors will refer to you by your real name during lessons. You agree not to use the Services under anonymity.

6: ID and Passwords

  1. When you use the Services, you use the ID and password which you have set up during the user registration process.
  2. You are responsible for the management of the ID and password mentioned on the preceding paragraph.
  3. You are responsible for any liability from the mismanagement of your ID and passwords including but not limited to damage by use of third parties. QQE is free from any responsibility.

7: Service Fees

  1. Service fees are followed by a description on the website which you agree to in advance of the service fees.
  2. You agree to use Services after the user registration with QQE’s acceptance for use.
  3. QQE has the right to amend the service fees or introduce a new payment system at any time after notice has been given on the website or by an e-mail to Users.

8: Services

You agree in advance to abide by the terms of Services set out below:

  1. Lesson System
    You can use Services through payment of QQE’s service fees in accordance of the payment methods listed below:
    (1)Monthly System
    You apply monthly payment in advance, and book the lessons yourself. You can attend lessons under the limitation of the number of units and points which are applicable only in the months you have paid for. You can purchase additional points and promo plans.
    [Payment Options]
    a.Payment by credit card for one month.
    b.Payment from a bank account for two months.
    c.Payment by electronic money (or digital cash) for two months.
    d.Payment at convenience stores for two months.
    (2)Points System
    You book and attend lessons under the limitation of points which you can purchase in advance.
    [Payment Options]
    a.Payment by credit card.
    b.Payment from a bank account
    c.Payment by electronic money (or digital cash)
    d.Payment at convenience stores.
  2. Refund Policy
    QQE does not provide monetary refunds under any circumstances.
  3. Systems Error
    (1)Systems Error by QQE
    In the event of a systems error on QQE’s side which results in you having a lesson for less than 20 minutes, QQE will return the error lesson point to you. In this case you have to report to QQE by e-mail within one hour of the lesson with your username, time of the error and the tutor’s name. QQE will investigate and confirm the circumstances and then return the appropriate point once the error is verified by QQE. The process of investigation and return of the point may take several days.
    (2)Systems Error by Users
    In the event that a systems error occurs on the User side and as a result the lesson is missed, QQE does not return the lesson point.
    (1)Lesson Time
    Services are offered at the times displayed on the website. QQE can change the Service times by means of notice on the website without the need to provide advanced notice to Users.
    (2)Non-working Day
    QQE decides non-working days based on the calendar (Saturdays, Sundays, bank holidays), year-end and new-year periods or public holidays in the Philippines. QQE can change the non-working days by means of notice on the website without the need to provide advanced notice to Users.
  4. Limitations of Services
  5. Monitoring of Services
    QQE monitors Services in order to provide Users with a smooth service. You agree in advance that your lesson may be monitored by QQE.

9: User's Responsibility

In addition to abiding by the terms of the Services, you also agree to abide by the following stipulations:
(1)You do not use the Services for illicit purposes.
(2)In addition to the TOU agreement, you abide by the general rules, policies and procedures for Internet usage as Services are provided through the Internet.
(3)You do not alienate, license, purchase and sale, change of name, establish the right of pledge and collateralize as a member of the Services.
(4)Regarding the payment for Services, if you have any disputes with credit card companies or third parties on debts owing or any other monetary issues, you must resolve the issue between the persons concerned.

10: Prohibited Conduct

  1. When using Services, you must not perform any of the acts of conduct listed below, or anything which is deemed to be pertinent to the below acts of conduct.
    (1)Acts which violate the rights of QQE, Services or this website.
    (2)Acts of mental abuse or slander.
    (3)Acts that cause economic or non-economic damage or detriment to other Users, a third party, or QQE and its staff.
    (4)Conduct that pertains to election campaigns or religious activity.
    (5)Publicity stunts and relevant acts.
    (6)Offending public order and morals.
    (7)Acts that violate laws, ordinances or have the potential to violate laws or ordinances.
    (8)Acts which inhibit the use of Services.
    (9)Criminal acts or conduct which results in criminal acts.
    (10)Using Services for the purposes of doing the same business, purpose, or preparation as this Service.
    (11)Transmitting untruthful information.
    (12)Acts of buying and selling or conduct which causes monetary interests between other Users or third parties in a way that QQE does not accept.
    (13)Conduct which causes adverse effects on under-age people.
    (14)Threatening conduct, conduct with little character or with immorality, obscenity or revilement. Conduct causing repulsion to Users or third parties or QQE and its staff.
    (15)Acts of discrimination or immoral conduct.
    (16)Inhibiting lessons by means of harassment or hooliganism towards tutors.
    (17)Interrogation of tutors regarding employment conditions or classified information about QQE.
    (18)Soliciting of tutors for competing businesses.
    (19)Attempting to contact tutors privately.
    (20)All conduct that QQE regards as inappropriate.
  2. If Users perform, or QQE determines that Users have the intention to perform one or more of the acts of conduct listed above, QQE has the right to delete the relevant items without notice and to restrict the User’s rights.
  3. If Users perform one or more of the acts of conduct listed above and QQE judges that they are seriously malicious, QQE has the right to force the offending User to withdraw from their membership without notice and inhibit the use of Services in future.
  4. If there is any damage to QQE caused by Users, due to the conduct listed above, Users are liable for the damage. The liability indemnity is effective after the Users withdrawal from membership.

11: Withdrawal from Membership

  1. When you wish to withdraw from the membership, you must inform QQE of your intent to withdraw by e-mail and the withdrawal is completed when QQE identifies and accepts the withdrawal.
  2. After withdrawal, you lose all rights and benefits of the Services. You do not have the right to claim with the withdrawal. QQE reserves the right to use your registration information for its business purposes even after your withdrawal from membership.
  3. In the case where you have a contention with this TOU, the change of TOU or Services, you agree that the only action to be taken by QQE is to terminate your use of Services and accept your withdrawal.

12: Revocation of Membership

  1. 1: QQE may refuse a user registration from Potential Users or revoke an existing User’s membership without notice if the User is applicable to one of the following clauses:
    (1) In the case that Users change the information provided by QQE without permission.
    (2) In the case that Users use the Services for Illicit purposes.
    (3) In the case that users hamper the Services in any way (by fair means for foul).
    (4) In the case that QQE is unable to contact the user by e-mail or by telephone.
    (5) In the case that QQE deems the users to be inappropriate to use the Services.
    (6) In cases where Users do not use the Services for longer than one year.
    (7) In the case that Users violate this TOU.
  2. In cases of revoked membership, Users must meet their obligations to QQE promptly. QQE does not hold any liability to refund any fees which have already been paid except in cases where QQE agrees.
  3. User IDs and passwords are invalidated after Users lose their membership. In this case, Users agree that QQE does not hold any liabilities for damages caused by the actions based on this clause, article 1 to Users or third parties.

13: Suspension and Cancellation of Services

  1. Users agree that QQE, at its sole discretion, may suspend or cancel the Services by use of before and after notices or e-mail to Users. QQE can also suspend or cancel Services without notice in the event that QQE recognises an urgent and rational reason under which to take action.
  2. QQE does not hold liabilities for any damages or detriment to Users or third parties by the suspension or cancellation of Services.

14: Questionnaire and Advertisement

  1. QQE can advertise or conduct questionnaires with Users by e-mail.

15: Disclaimer

  1. Users explicitly agree to use the Service at own risk. QQE disclaims all guarantees, tutor remarks or comments, contents and conditions of Services, possibility of Internet access or reception, and the state of use of Services. Users agree it is their own responsibility to make use of any advice or information obtained through the use of the Services by themselves.
  2. You agree that QQE makes no guarantee as to the conditions listed below:
    (1)To meet the User’s requirements of the contents of Services, the study effects or the effects of use.
    (2)Safe receipt of the information (data) that Users send on the Internet to QQE’s computer systems or the accuracy of the information that is received by QQE’s computer systems.
    (3)Timely, uninterrupted or error-free provision of the Services.
    (4)The authenticity or accuracy of information which Users receive though the Services; the Services are perfect, useful, effective or helpful; Services are free from content which may be viewed as offensive.
    (5)Accuracy of support and Services times posted on the website or e-mail.
    (6)Free from any defects to the Services
  3. To meet the Users expectation through use of Services and tutors.
  4. The quality of any goods or services, information or any other materials which Users obtain though the QQE website.
  5. Accuracy or reliability of information that Users obtain through the Services or tutors.

16: Proprietary Rights

  1. You agree that all the contents of Services such as screen design, computer systems and so forth are protected by patents, copyrights, trademarks or other laws. You agree not to depreciate, modify, change, translate, rent or sell the Services and QQE may take legal action without notice should they discover any violations of these rights.
  2. Users agree that QQE holds the rights to pictures or films that Users permit to be used and QQE may use such content in the future without limitation.

17: Transfer of Business

Users agree that QQE may transfer the business including the Services to a third party. In this case, all of the rights and liabilities may be transferred with advance notices given to Users, and Users also agree that their information is disclosed to the alienee.

18: Governing Law

Japanese Law is applied on this TOU.

19: Jurisdiction

If, after negotiations, an agreement cannot be reached between Users and QQE, Users agree that the venue of the court is to be Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court.

Note: On the 1st August 2009, this TOU is enacted.
Revised on 1st June 2010.
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